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European Doors – Security & Durability for Your Home or Business

European doors offer superior energy performance, security, and durability while providing incredible water and draft tightness. EuroTrends sells and installs European doors which offer security with their steel reinforced, warp-resistant framing that cannot be kicked in. The door sash is surrounded by a band of fully-adjustable steel hardware that securely bolts to the frame at multiple points. In fact, the number of locking points increases with the size of the door. With the multiple locking points combined with the triple weather seals and glazing, European doors block all drafts and unwanted outside noise. The exterior surface finishes are easy to clean, extremely durable, and never need painting. In fact, there are more design possibilities with the doors being available in various sizes, shapes, and combinations.

Types of European doors available from Red Deer’s EuroTrends include:

  • European Terrace Swing Doors - Select from single doors, double doors, and doors combined with windows for the perfect matching combination for your home.

  • Tilt & Turn Doors - Tilt your doors for natural, draft free ventilation while keeping your home safe from intruders.

  • Front Entry Doors - Let your front door create a lasting impression with its high quality of construction and design features.

  • Tilt & Glide Doors - Protect your home against air, sound, and water penetration with these luxurious gliding doors.

Consult Our European Door Experts

Contact EuroTrends in Red Deer to discuss your European door options. You can book a consultation or request a free quote. As an option, our doors come with matching retractable screens. Beautify your home with these high quality doors while enjoying their energy efficiency, security, and versatility in design.

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