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Update Your Outdoor Living Space with Solariums & Sunrooms by EuroTrends

Get the most out of your outdoor living space by installing a solarium or sunroom. A sunroom or solarium can extend your home and allow you to enjoy the outdoors longer while maintaining the comfort of the indoors. At EuroTrends in Red Deer, we help create your ultimate solarium or sunroom using quality brands like Sunview Solariums®. We take pride in helping homeowners transform their outdoor living space with sunrooms and solariums, giving them the oasis of relaxation and comfort they can enjoy with family and friends for years to come.

Some benefits of solariums and sunrooms include:

Outdoors Living Indoors

  • Enjoy all nature has to offer without the adverse conditions of insects or pollen. 

  • Enjoy the sunshine without most of the harmful UVA & UVB rays.

Backyard Privacy
Tinted acrylic panels provide privacy during the day while still allowing excellent viewing to the outside.

Extend The Outdoor Season
Even 3-season rooms can be used later in autumn and earlier in the spring, allowing you to benefit from more sun exposure.

Increased Living Space

  • Solarium and sunroom additions create a casual atmosphere to relax. 

  • Use the space as a spa enclosure, art studio, or even a workshop.

Greenhouse-Like Environment
Grow organic vegetables and herbs almost year-round.

Increased Property Value

  • The space becomes the highlight of your houses features.

  • Sunrooms and solariums offer no maintenance and no extra costs.

The EuroTrends Difference – Why Our Solariums & Sunrooms Differ

How does EuroTrends’ solariums and sunrooms differ from the competition? We offer a variety of design options that you can customize to fit your outdoor living needs. Some features include:

Adjustable Pitch
The room is built to fit the house - no “adjusting” the house to fit the room.

Adjustable Width
No size is the wrong size. All solarium widths can be altered at minimal additional cost to the homeowner.

Tinted, See-Through Roof Glazing
Natural light from every angle makes it a sunroom!

Curved-Front Glazing
Clear unobstructed view is what most people want.

No Seams in Glazing
If there are no joints - there are no leaks.

Affordable 3-Season Rooms

  • These types of rooms are more economical than similar sized 4-season rooms. 

  • These rooms help eliminate additional heating costs.

Call EuroTrends in Red Deer today, for a free, no obligation quote.

Sunview Solariums
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