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Save with Energy Efficient Roll Shutters for Your Home

At EuroTrends in Red Deer, you can find a wide selection of roll shutters for your home. Each roll shutter is custom made to fit almost any window, patio door, or entry door. Major benefits for residential roll shutters include security, energy savings, light control, and noise control.

Our roll shutters are made from the highest quality extruded aluminum with heavy duty side rails to prevent prying. These exterior shutters seal off access to your home and provide a protective barrier that hides your valuables from sight to deter intruders. They are extremely difficult to get through, and when completely closed, provide complete privacy.

Energy Savings
Roll shutters are energy efficient. The interlocking slats slide up and down in a special aluminum guide channel that is mounted on either side of the window or door opening. When closed, the roll shutters trap air between itself and the door or window. This dead air space serves as insulation. During the winter, roll them down in the evening to reduce heat loss through your windows and save on your heating bill. On hot, summer days, have them down to keep your home cooler inside. To add to the energy efficient nature of the roll shutter, the aluminum interlocking shutter slats have a urethane insulation sandwiched inside. As energy costs escalate, you will find our roll shutters will add value to your home as energy efficiency becomes an important factor.

Light Control
Close the shutters to shut out outside light; creating a "night-time" effect during the day. Ideal for shift workers or young children, the roll shutters assist in letting you rest effectively. Additionally, the interlocking slats can be opened for partial light infiltration to give your room a shaded appearance. When not required, the shutter rolls up into a header box above your window or door.

Noise Control
Another attribute of the shutter is their noise reduction quality. When closed, the shutters substantially reduce the noise from busy streets by approximately 50%.

Other Benefits of Residential Roll Shutters

Other shutter benefits include eliminating in most cases condensation and ice buildup on windows and doors. If you are concerned about your furniture, carpet, or drapes fading due to the sun, a shutter on the exterior of your home will eliminate this problem. Although the shutter is custom designed to fit the outside of any window or door, it is operated very simply, either manually or electrically, from the inside comfort of your home. The roll shutters come in a variety of designer colours with a baked in durable finish.

Contact EuroTrends in Red Deer to discuss if energy efficient roll shutters are right for your home. You can call or email us to request a free quote.

Insulated Aluminum

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