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Install Roll-Up Garage Doors for Secure, Space-Saving Convenience

Roll-up garage doors are available from EuroTrends in Red Deer. We have roll-up garage doors in various designs and styles to fit both residential and commercial use. Many benefits come with roll-up garage doors including:

26 Gauge Galvanized Steel with Silicon modified Polyester Coating

Space Saving
Unlike conventional garage doors, roll-up doors have no overhead tracks or motor to take up ceiling space making the ceiling accessible for additional storage.

The residential roll-up garage door curtain has a deeper, rounder profile and rigid steel that provides for a stronger door. For commercial use, the curtain is comprised of continuous roll formed steel with 0.5mm gauge steel between the vertical guides.

The doors are designed with steel door stops, and the photoelectric or PE sensors have a wide range should anything cross their path. An automatic obstruction sensor is built into the opener to reverse the door direction should something obstruct the door. In the event of a power outage or emergency, the motor comes equipped with a manual disengage cord.

The door opener is exceptionally quiet producing a decibel level less than the average, human conversation. Combined with running strips to promote smooth, greaseless operation and rubber coated, guide stops preventing metal on metal contact, the roll-up garage door is amazingly quiet.

The internal spring is designed to last longer than the standard North American garage door; more than 20,000 cycles. Bottom weather seal is long lasting with its pliable, soft texture designed to keep leaves and rain from entering underneath the door. The rigid steel and rounded curtain profile give the roll-up doors exceptional durability.

Low Maintenance
No lubrication is required for the gearing components and with no wheels, cables, or hinges, the roll-up garage door needs virtually no maintenance.

Various Options
The roll-up doors come in both motorized and manual operation with different accessories, including wireless keypads, keyed entry, and remotes.


Give EuroTrends in Red Deer a call today for a free quote. Together we can discuss your roll-up garage door options.

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