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Custom Built Windows – Turn & Tilt Style for Ease of Use & High Energy Performance

For a sophisticated look without compromising practicality, EuroTrends in Red Deer sells and installs European tilt and turn windows. These custom built windows are German engineered and manufactured to the highest energy performance certifications in North America.

Benefits of Custom Built Windows

The windows are custom built in many shapes and sizes, featuring energy efficient triple weather seals and double or triple pane glass units. The tilt and turn design is more than just an operating type. Around the perimeter, the design features durable, multi-point locking hardware with steel reinforcement and welded frame to provide superior water and air tightness and security. Due to this multi-point locking hardware, steel reinforcement, and welded frame construction, the window cannot be forcefully opened, protecting your home against break-ins.

Tilt Window

Tilt & Turn Windows Offer Easy Operation

Operated by a single handle, dual action tilt and turn windows are a European innovation offering both quality craftsmanship and design excellence.

How they work:

  • Turn the handle up - and tilt the sash inwards for comfortable, draft-free ventilation.

  • Turn the handle sideways - and swing the sash open for easy cleaning and emergency exit.

  • Turn the handle down - and engage the multi-point locking mechanism to seal out the wind, the rain, and the noise.

tilt open window
turn open window

Benefits of the Tilt-In Feature on Your Custom Build Windows

Why do these windows have the tilt-in feature? So you can enjoy a "breath of fresh air" without annoying drafts. Since warm air rises, the ideal place to open a window is near the top. The tilt-in design draws warm, stale air to the outside while bringing in fresh air through the sides, without a draft.


Little Maintenance Required

The European windows are stain and dirt resistant, requiring very little maintenance. In fact, since the windows open to the inside, you will never need to climb a ladder to clean your windows! Even the screens are easily removed from the inside of your home for ease of cleaning.

Choosing the right windows are key – for comfort, energy efficiency, superior air ventilation, security, and overall exceptional quality. Contact Red Deer’s EuroTrends today to discuss your options and request a free, no obligations quote.

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