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Create Screen Rooms or Cover Patios for Ideal Outdoor Living

EuroTrends in Red Deer offer patio covers and screen room products for homeowners throughout central Alberta. Screen rooms and covers for patios can help you get the most out of your outdoor living space. Create a space for relaxation outdoors without having to deal with outdoor discomforts like strong UV rays, weather, or insects. Patio covers and screen rooms are also cheaper alternatives to solariums and sunrooms while still offering comfort.

Patio Covers
Ideal to use when the weather is too hot or rainy. Patio covers come in a straight or curved design and can have decorative posts or archways for a beautiful, designer touch. The components require no maintenance for worry-free use and enjoyment when you plan your next outdoor activity. The rafters require no painting and come in baked-in chocolate or white. The patio cover is constructed of high-grade aluminum rafters engineered to withstand snow and wind gusts. The acrylic roof is 8 times stronger than glass, yet it is clearer than glass while blocking out the majority of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, the roof of the patio is seamless - no joints to leak or dirt to collect. With the unique design, and maintenance free construction, a patio cover is a beautiful and functional, cost effective addition to your home.

Screen Rooms
Screen rooms allow you to enjoy your patio or deck while being in an enclosed, indoor space, protected from insects, rain, and the sun. Compared to sunrooms, they are the least expensive option to enjoy the fresh air while maintaining shade and comfort in the warmer parts of the year. The screen rooms feature three track window walls with 0%, 33%, or 66% ventilation in the up or down position. The window walls are easily removed for cleaning and can be outfitted with clear or tinted acrylic. They are lightweight and simple to use and come, of course, with screens to let the air in without the annoyance of insects.

See what works best for your backyard. Call or email EuroTrends in Red Deer to discuss screen rooms and patio covers. We can offer design ideas and a free, no obligations quote.

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